The Dark Wizard of Donkerk

The Dark Wizard Of Donkerk, Chapter 5: The Wayward Princess

Rowan had learned much about dark magic through first principles. First and foremost, the social aspects of dark magic must largely be about trust. If he followed a ritual which had been described in a book, he had to take the author at their word that their descriptions were full and correct. If any of […]

The Dark Wizard Of Donkerk, Chapter 5: The Castle Spirit

The castle finally got a spirit when Sofia was fifteen years old. She had imagined the spirit for a long time. Most of the books said that every place and every thing had a spirit, from the cobbler’s shop to the temple gardens, and from the forests to the trees. The spirits themselves stayed in […]

The Dark Wizard Of Donkerk, Chapter 2: The Kidnapping

“We need money,” said Omarr. After they’d put Henry to bed, they’d cracked a small cask of ale and drank from the large mugs. A fire crackled in the fireplace. Adrianna had come to like the two men, somewhat despite herself. They had taught her much. While their theft of Henry had soured her opinion, […]

The Dark Wizard Of Donkerk, Chapter 1: The Orphan

Author’s Note: This work is essentially stuck in ‘first draft’ state until I can find the time and incentive to put other things aside and devote myself to fixing the numerous typos, restructuring the plot a bit, punching up the prose, and some general tidying up to make it the novel that it’s meant to be. […]

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